[Pkg-acpi-devel] Bug#569756: acpi-support: asus-wireless-wlan event interferes with Acer wireless button

Stefano pietranera at gmail.com
Tue Feb 16 05:08:59 UTC 2010

Package: acpi-support
Version: 0.132-1
Severity: normal
Tags: patch

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I investigated a bit deeper in this bug and I found out that
/etc/acpi/events/asus-wireless-wlan interferes with the Acer wireless

In fact, the event is called when button/wlan WLAN 00000080 is pressed -
that is the wireless button on my Acer Laptop - and the subsequent
action /etc/acpi/asus-wireless.sh makes the wireless card switch only
from HW based to SW based rf_kill.

To test it, I've stopped acpid and tested the wireless button. It
actually worked and so I realized that the problem relied in the
asus-wireless.sh script.

I provide a small non invasive patch in order to check if the laptop is
actually an Asus or not, if not the script is exited. dmidecode is used, but 
if not installed nothing happens and the script is executed anyway.

Let me know what you think about it.


-- System Information:
Debian Release: squeeze/sid
  APT prefers testing
  APT policy: (990, 'testing'), (500, 'testing-proposed-updates'), (200, 
'unstable'), (99, 'stable')
Architecture: i386 (i686)

Kernel: Linux 2.6.32-trunk-686 (SMP w/1 CPU core)
Locale: LANG=en_US.UTF-8, LC_CTYPE=en_US.UTF-8 (charmap=UTF-8)
Shell: /bin/sh linked to /bin/bash

Versions of packages acpi-support depends on:
ii  acpi-support-base             0.132-1    scripts for handling base ACPI e
ii  acpid                         1:2.0.1-2  Advanced Configuration and Power I
ii  libc6                         2.10.2-2   GNU C Library: Shared libraries
ii  lsb-base                      3.2-23     Linux Standard Base 3.2 init scr
ii  pm-utils              utilities and scripts for power 
ii  x11-xserver-utils             7.5+1+b1   X server utilities

Versions of packages acpi-support recommends:
ii  dbus                          1.2.20-2   simple interprocess messaging sy
ii  hal                           0.5.14-2   Hardware Abstraction Layer
ii  radeontool                    1.5-5      utility to control ATI Radeon ba
ii  toshset                       1.75-2     Access much of the Toshiba laptop 
ii  vbetool                       1.1-2      run real-mode video BIOS code to 
ii  xscreensaver                  5.10-7     Automatic screensaver for X

Versions of packages acpi-support suggests:
ii  dmidecode                     2.9-1.2    Dump Desktop Management Interface 
ii  nvclock                       0.8b4-1    Allows you to overclock your
pn  rfkill                        <none>     (no description available)

-- no debconf information


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