[Pkg-acpi-devel] Bug#587656: acpid 1:2.0.6-1 bug report

Michael Meskes meskes at debian.org
Mon Jul 5 12:17:23 UTC 2010

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> > Do they work on the console instead of under X?
> Yes, when I switch to virtual terminal (using the attached USB keyboard)
> I can input (type) via the laptop keyboard. In addition - The Num Lock
> and Scroll Lock leds but the Caps Lock doesn't
> ...
> > And why do you think this is acpid`s fault? 
> The X server was not upgraded and is connects with ACPI subsystem.
> Please note that only X related package I updated on the 29th was acpid.
> I hope I'm not wrong - searching under the lamp ...

I'm actually pretty sure you are. The only change in acpid 2.0.6-1 was in a
script under /usr/share/doc/exapmles/. I honestly doubt this can cause the
problems you're seeing.

That is if it worked with the prior acpid version.

X opens several devices to get all the events it needs and thus a different one
might be at fault. Do you see anything in your X log?

> Do you need any additional information / tests / log files ?
> Any thing I can do ?

Yes, somehow prove that acpid is at fault.

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