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 may suggest appendicitis. A slight indigestion, often purely
nervous, may be interpreted

as inability to care for certain diet, etc. The wise nurse
will displace as many of these as she can by casual suggestions on
her own part. She will demand of herself that her very presence be
quieting, calming, happy; that
her conversation with her patient shall vibrate with a certain

that gives him courage and strengthens the desire and the will to
health; that her care of him shall prove confidence-breeding. The
patient's attitude, when he is at all suggestible,
is largely in the nurse's
hands, and she can make his illness a calamity by dishonest,
fear-breeding, or suspicion-forming suggestion. After all, the whole
question here is one of the normality of
the nurse's own outlook on life and people. The happier, truer, and
more wholesome it is, the more

really can she help her patient to both bodily and mental health.
Of one

thing let the overzealous nurse beware. Do not irritate your patient
by a patent, blatant, hollow cheerfulness that any one of any sense
knows is assumed for his benefit. Personally I know of no more
aggravating stimulus. _What We Attend To Determines What We
Are._--This is one of the first laws of education. If the child's
attention from birth could
be controlled, his future would be absolutely assured. But attention
is a thing of free will and cannot
be forced by others.
It can be won through interest or self-directed by will. The child's
attention is entirely determined
by interest, interest in the morbid and painful as truly as in the
bright and happy. Punishment interests him tremendously
because it affects him, it interferes with his plan of life, it holds
his entire immediate attention to his injured self. But something
more impelling quickly makes him forget his hurt feelings
and he is happy again. The average sick person is emotionally
very much like the child. His will at the time, as we noted before,
is tempted to take a rest, and his interest is ready to follow bodily
feeling unless something more impelling is offered. The nurse

who can direct attention to other people, to analyzing the sounds of
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