[Pkg-acpi-devel] Bug#598198: acpid: superfluous logging

Ferenc Wagner wferi at niif.hu
Mon Sep 27 12:13:37 UTC 2010

Package: acpid
Version: 1:2.0.6-1
Severity: minor


Starting up acpid results in the following lines in syslog:

acpid: Deprecated /proc/acpi/event was not found.  Trying netlink and the input layer...
acpid: starting up with netlink and the input layer
acpid: skipping conf file /etc/acpi/events/.
acpid: skipping conf file /etc/acpi/events/..
acpid: 1 rule loaded
acpid: waiting for events: event logging is off

Overall verbosity notwithstanding, considering . and .. conf files
seems rather misguided.
Please suppress logging (or even better: checking) of those directory

Also, why log that something deprecated (/proc/acpi/event) wasn't found?


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