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Mr. Roberto Galan info at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 6 00:57:39 UTC 2011

Loan Services Offered.

Are you a business man or woman? Are you in any financial stress or do
you need funds to start up your own business? Do you have a low credit score
and you are finding it difficult to get loans from local banks and other
financial institutes? the solution to your economic problem is here.

Our company is based in Malaysia as we've been into the financial business for
over 17 years now with a low interest of 2%. We give out loan topeople
from America, Europe, Asia, New Zealand Australia and Africa within a
maximum of 4 days depending on the seriousness of the applicant.

a) Personal loans, business expansion.
b) Business start-up and education.
c) Debt Consolidation.
d) Hard Money loans.
e) Mortgage Finance.

1)First Name:
2)Last Name:
5)Marital Status:
7)Phone Number:
8)Cell Phone:
10)Amount Needed As The Loan:
11)Loan Duration:
12)Purpose Of Loan:
13)Have You Applied Before:

All replies should be forwarded to:E-mails: ffs424 at w.cn As soon as we  
receive the application, Then we will process your Loan application  
for approval

Mr. Roberto Galan
Country: Malaysia
E-mail: ffs424 at w.cn

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