[Pkg-acpi-devel] Bug#653496: FTBS: Debian 6.0.3 - Security Fix - acpid_2.0.7-1squeeze3

Adam D. Barratt adam at adam-barratt.org.uk
Wed Dec 28 22:34:41 UTC 2011

tag 653496 + unreproducible moreinfo

On Wed, 2011-12-28 at 17:01 -0500, John L. Males wrote:
> The acpid_2.0.7-1squeeze3 source package failed to build for the
> Debian 6.0.3 amd64 release target and therefore the security fix
> binary Debian Security issued for Squeeze was not created from
> the posted acpid_2.0.7-1squeeze3 source package.

This report is quite hard to follow in places.  fwiw, I've just rebuilt
the package inside an amd64 squeeze chroot, and there were no issues.

> 1) Install Debian 6.0.3 using the official amd64 DVD images, do
> not run any updates or security updates after the base 6.0.3
> install. This should be a development based install with a DE
> of your choice.
> 2) Download the acpid_2.0.7-1squeeze3 source:

> 3) Run the following commands from the directory where the
> source of step (2) was downloaded to:
> 4) If the newly installed system issues messages for build
> tools, compiler, or package dependencies install what is
> required only from the base Debian 6.0.3 DVDs.

Why not "apt-get install build-essential && apt-get build-dep acpid"?
That's the standard and supported way of ensuring you have the correct
packages installed, not repeated trial and error.

You also missed "install and possibly part remove packages from
backports" from the above.  The attachment you included lists, amongst

ii  initramfs-tools                   0.99~bpo60+1                      tools for generating an initramfs
pi  linux-libc-dev                    2.6.39-3~bpo60+1                  Linux support headers for userspace development

There is no way your environment is purely installed from Debian 6.0.3
DVDs if it contains the above packages.  Have you tried rebuilding the
package in an environment that actually resembles that you suggest
others should build in order to validate your report?



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