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Seraphin EYELE seraphin.eyele at ipcms.u-strasbg.fr
Tue Jun 14 23:20:13 UTC 2011

I have been waiting for you to pick up your Cashier Check of $800,000.00 USD
(EIGHT HUNDRED THOUSAND US DOLLARS) before I leave the Federal Republic of
Nigeria, but you did not show up as I did not hear from you. I am writing to
inform you that I have deposited your cashier check with UNITED PARCEL SERVICE
there in Nigeria.

For your information, I'm now in Dubai to resume my new job offer and will not
go back to Nigeria till next year. Please you have to contact the United Parcel
Service of Nigeria to know when they will deliver your package to your resident
address in your country.

Note that I have paid for the security keeping fee. The only money you will have
to pay is the shipping/handling fee which only cost $80.00 US Dollars to receive
your check parcel as agreed with them.

Please contact the company with their below details:

Name: Ford Hamilton
Tel: +2348058769039
E-mail:  ups at gncn.net

Thanks for your attention.
Seraphin EYELE.

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