[Pkg-acpi-devel] Bug#618905: references obsolete hal init script

Michael Biebl biebl at debian.org
Wed Mar 23 20:08:32 UTC 2011

Am 23.03.2011 20:22, schrieb Michael Meskes:
>> 2.) The postinst tries to restart hal if it find the init script.
>> I guess with acpid using netlink now this can be dropped completely?
> You mean the logic needed to access/allow hal to access /proc/acpi/events? No,
> not really. Acpid still does/can use that file if it exists. You don't have to

Does that mean, acpid will prefer /proc/acpi/event over netlink? That would we
very strange imho.
Is there a solid reason not to use netlink *always*?

> use th enetlink layer. But with hal not started by initscript anymore what's
> the right way to restart it? Interestingly enough the whole code does nothing
> right now and apparently no problem has come up. To be safe I take it acpid has
> to be started before dbus, right?

I don't see a need to start before dbus or restart hal.
hal will periodically check if /var/run/acpid.socket is available.
So even if during boot hal would be started before acpid (which is highly
unlikely) it would pick it up as soon as acpid is up.

It would only be a problem, if the deprecated /proc/acpi/event is around and
acpid is started after hal. Then hal would use /proc/acpi/event.
I don't feel like porting hal to use netlink (with hal being dead and all), but
what I could do is, to remove the fallback in hal to open /proc/acpi/event and
always use acpid.socket.


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