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Thu Nov 10 20:53:20 UTC 2011

Hello Dearest One,

Howare you today, Please accept my sincereapologises if my email does notmeet your business or personal ethics,I really like to have a goodrelationship with you, and I have aspecial reason why I decided tocontact you because of the urgency ofmy situation here.

PleaseI write not only to introduce myselfto you, but also tender a jointinvestment business proposal for yourconsiderations and acceptance. Iknow that receipt of my communicationshall be a great surprise to youconsidering the fact that we did notknow each other or had any businessnegotiations before now, I am alsoaware of the fact that there is a lotof fraudulent business proposalscirculating around the world, whichmakes it imperative for one to beextremely careful before accepting andventuring any business proposalfrom unfamiliar person like me.

Ihowever, pray your respectedself not to allow the above unnaturalabnormalities to influence yourdecision to accept my genuine proposaland intentions which undoubtedlywould be of immense mutual benefits toboth of us. I pledge to you forurgent and dedicated attention whichthis issue deserves.

Ideemit necessary to introduce myself in detail for you and the needforyour assistance to claim and invest my inheritance for me, I amMiss. Isha Thomas D. Voer Hanson, 26years old girl from Liberia, theonlydaughter of Late National Bank of Liberia Governor, Thomas Hansonwhodied on June 8, 2009 at the Delaware County Memorial Hospital inUpperDarby from a massive stroke. Meanwhile he had earlier undergoneakidney transplant in april 2009 at the university hospitalofpennsylvania in philadelphia.

Iam constrained to contact youbecause of the maltreatment I, amreceiving from my step mother. Sheplanned to take away all my latefather's treasury and properties fromme since the unexpected death ofmy beloved Father.

MeanwhileIwanted to escape to the Europe but they hide away myinternationalpassport and other valuable traveling documents. Luckilythey did notdiscover where I kept my Father's File which containsimportantdocuments. So I decided to run to the refugee camp where I ampresentlyseeking asylum under the United Nations High Commission forthe Refugeehere in Ouagadougou Republic of Burkina Faso. I wish tocontact youpersonally for a long term business relationship andinvestmentassistance in your country.

Myfather secretly deposited the sumof US$3,628, 000.00 in one of theprime bank with my name as the nextof kin. However, I shall forward youwith the necessary information ofthe deposit on confirmation of youracceptance to assist me for thetransfer and investment of the fund inyour country. As you will alsohelp me in an investment, and I will liketo complete my studies, as Iwas in the school in Monrovia-Liberia,before the death of my father.

Itismy intention to compensate you with 15% of the total money foryourservices and the balance shall be my investment capital. This isthereason why I decided to contact you. Please all communicationsshouldbe through this email address only for confidential purposes. Assoonas I receive your positive response showing your interest I willputthings into action immediately. In the light of the above, Ishallappreciate an urgent message indicating your ability andwillingness tohandle this transaction sincerely.

Iam staying at the femalehostel. Awaiting your urgent and positiveresponse. Please do keep thisonly to your self please I advice you notto disclose it to a thirdparty till I come over, once the fund has beentransferred into youraccount. I hope my explanation is very clear butif you need furtherclarification, then send in your questions.I willtry to scan mypicture to send in my next mail.

Thanks as I hope to receive from you soon.

Yours Sincerely
Miss Isha Thomas D. Voer Hanson
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