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johnson brown dr.johnsonbrownie202 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 12 00:00:02 UTC 2011

Bristol Myers Company 156 Shaftesbury Avenue, 
WC2H 8HL London, United Kingdom. +44 7035982567 http://www.bristomyers.com/uk/

Hello, My name is Dr Johnson  Brown from west Dublin United Kingdom am a research consultant working with a pharmaceutical company in United Kingdom as production and development administrator. I do visit Indiaon purpose of purchasing some local production materials for our company, now I have just been promoted and our management has decided to replace my former position with another staff on purchasing these items from India, So I intend to bring to your clear understanding closer in what I am about to do and hope you will find it reasonable. 
1.)I do purchase this product during the time I visited India from the local farmer at the rate of (3000rupees per sachet) of 5 grams while taking ($180 US dollars for same sachet) from our company due to demand and value of this herbal material to our company. Now I am promoted to another position, our company intends to retrieve the contact of the local farmer in India from me in other to hand it over to the new staff who is going to purchase this product for them.
2.)I want to compromise with you and introduce your information to our company as the same local farmer in India where I have been purchasing this product out, you will now purchase this product out from the local farmer at (3000rupees per sachet) and re-sale to our company at usual rate of ($180 Us dollars per same sachet) they will visit India and make cash payment for the herbal product, this material is a local natural herb (Theresa herbs) refined in the laboratories by adding other pharmaceutical substances to produce medicines for Cancer patients and many more viral diseases. Finally, the profit you made from each sale to our company will be shared in this ration, 20% for me and 80% for you for your partnership in the transaction, the supply will be on a bi-monthly basis, i believe this will be an alternative revenue generating venture for you.

I will explain further as soon as i receive your response , please send your response to this email id drjohnsonbrown202 at gmail.com) 
Have a nice day, 
Awaiting your response
Dr. Johnson Brown +44 7035982567
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