[Pkg-acpi-devel] Bug#752283: bug still seems to be in policy-funcs ..

Gijs Hillenius gijs at hillenius.net
Tue Jul 1 07:45:37 UTC 2014

Hi Michael!

I redid the update, but paid more attention to the steps..

first, I did

 apt-get purge acpi-fakekey  acpi-support acpi-support

followed by 
 apt-get install acpi-support acpi-support-base acpi-fakekey

This gets me version 0.141-4
Then I edit  /etc/default/acpi-support
to enable


followed by

  /etc/init.d/acpi-support restart

After which closing the lid at this laptop does *not* result in suspend

now copying over policy-funcs from acpi-support-base 0.141-2 into
followed by

  /etc/init.d/acpi-support restart

*does* result in suspend being called when closing the lid

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