[Pkg-acpi-devel] Bug#752266: systemd: laptop powers down on resume when suspended via power/suspend button

Brainslug brainslug at freakmail.de
Sun Jun 22 20:18:01 UTC 2014

Hi Michael,

	thanks for your explanations and the link to documentation. Mostly I'm
interested in finding out what functionality systemd is taking over from
other packages. For instance, until the last system update, all my power
management was handled exclusively by xfce4-power-manager. A nice
convenient way that had all the settings in one place.
xfce4-power-manager stopped working all of a sudden, because now systemd
and logind are apparently dealing with power events instead.

It just gets a bit muddy to figure out what service or program is now
actually responsible for what on my system. There seems to be a lot of
redundancy in functionality across many packages and subsystem (as
expected for such a major migration), and I'm having a bit of a hard
time staying on top of how to configure certain parts of my system now.
I'll follow the link you provided and try to find some answers there.

Again, thanks for your help.

- B

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