[Pkg-acpi-devel] Bug#752283: Bug#752283: downgrade to acpi-support* 0.141-2 fixed suspend

Michael Meskes meskes at debian.org
Mon Jun 23 09:11:49 UTC 2014

On Mon, Jun 23, 2014 at 09:33:44AM +0200, Gijs Hillenius wrote:
> I had previously purged only acpi-fakekey acpi-support so, perhaps the
> issue is in acpi-support-base
> Looking at the difference between 
> acpi-support-base 0.141-2 and 0.141-3
> I noticed that something changed in power-funcs
> ( /usr/share/acpi-support/power-funcs)

You coild try just using the old power-funcs file with the new acpi-support package.

> 0.141.2:
> { print unix_user; exit (0); } /x11-display = '\'$display.0\''/ { print unix_user; exit (0);}')
> 0.141.3:
> { print unix_user; exit (0); }')

This is misleading as you don't show the other x11-display pattern recognition
that was changed to, hopefully, catch both cases. However, that might fail, any
debugging of this function would be greatly appreciated. It did work correctly
in my tests, though.


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