[Pkg-acpi-devel] Bug#766991: Bug#766991: acpid: does not process events

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Wed Nov 5 12:01:01 UTC 2014

Hi Michael,

On Tue, 04 Nov 2014, Michael Meskes wrote:
> Unfortunately I do not know much about the way systemd works, either. In
> particular I wonder how that event you generate makes it to acpid (when it is
> running) but does not trigger a start. Anyone with a hint? 

Yes. The event is generated by the *kernel*, in particular the 
sony-laptop module. Thus, it does not pass through the socket.

> Worst case I just remove the socket part and make it start by default as all
> the other services. Or should we have both, as ssh seems to have?

Probably some systemctl incantation is necessary? I did
	systemctl enable acpid
and after that now at reboots the acpid is running, as expected.

I guess that something like this needs to be added to the
postinst (?) script.

I am not sure about how transition from sysV to systemd should
actually work. The transition should take the status of current
acpid into account ... no idea how all this should work together!

(A sad story that Debian Developers don't know anymore how to work
on some of the most essential parts of the system - shiny new world
of systemd :-(


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