[Pkg-acpi-devel] URGENT RESPONSE

Mellissa Bamba christasjunk at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 30 14:47:35 UTC 2018

Hello My Dear Friend

First of all I will like to thank you for given your attention to read my mail
i live in Togo but my country of origin is Cote D'Ivoire and my name is
Mellissa Bamba the Wife of late Mr. Gorgers Bamba ,I pray that my plan with you
Shall be of good success. After reading my message please kindly get back
To me.

It's my pleasure to contact you for a business venture which i intend to
Establish in your country. Though I have not met with you before but I believe,
One has to risk confidence in someone to succeed sometimes in life.
There is this amount of 6.5 million U.S dollars (US$6.500, 000.00)
Which my late husband kept in a security company in republic of Togo before he was
Assassinated by unknown persons on his trip to France.
Now I and my daughter have decided to invest this money in your country or
Anywhere safe enough for security and political reasons. We want you to help us
To transfer these funds to your account for investment.

Purposes on the followings below:
1). Telecommunication
2). Automobile manufacturing
3). Five star hotel

I will give you more information consigning the transfer.
i am waiting for your response.
My Regards.
Melissa Bamba.
+228 9771 5497

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