[Pkg-alsa-devel] Re: I broke it again!

Jordi Mallach jordi@debian.org
Wed, 22 Sep 2004 10:00:48 +0200

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On Wed, Sep 22, 2004 at 05:57:58PM +1000, Steve Kowalik wrote:
> Keep in mind my cvs-buildpackage foo is very very very minimal and it
> took me a few days of wranging and screaming and throwing screwdrivers
> at the wall before I managed to import 1.0.6a. And now I find out that
> it may not have imported as sucessfully as I planned. This sucks.

Last night Thomas and I couldn't stop moaning how overengineered all of
this process of importing all the sources is.

After all, we're using dpatch, right? All our changes should be in the
debian directory, so is there a reason we want all the upstream sources
in CVS, if we're not going to touch them?

For my Debian packages managed in SVN (quite a few: all of GNOME,
mailutils, freeciv, etc), we just have the debian/ dir in SVN.
svn-buildpackage then merges what is in SVN with what it gets after
unpacking the orig.tar.gz. If there's a way of doing this in
cvs-buildpackage, that would be so much easier for me... because I don't
think SVN is an option, is it? :)

No, really. Do you think importing the sources is buying us anything?

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