[Pkg-alsa-devel] Bug#325142: Don't understand, seems like circular issue

Steve Strong s.strong at ieee.org
Wed Aug 31 04:20:52 UTC 2005


I guess I don't follow...

udev 0.060 and to some extent greater depends on kernel 2.6.12 or
greater. Not sure whether something up to .068 fixed this or not.

kernel-source 2.6.11 is unstable and 2.6.8 is testing.

Looking at the udev .068 package in unstable, it looks like there are
plenty of problems that'll make it quite some time before it is moved to

About 585 other packages in testing seem to depend on the testing
version of udev. This seems to be the only package in testing that
requires an unstable version of a tool that would break dependencies of
so many other packages.

Yet somehow alsa-utils was built to require udev .063 or greater

I thought the idea was to build a package for testing, you get a testing
install and build with those dependencies.

I do understand that the other packages change, but they seem to try
hard not to break the other packages of the same release. They as I
understand it have checkpoints to make sure they don't get released if
that's the case, especially below unstable.

I did a dist-upgrade just recently from stable to testing and lost
alsa-utils in the big upgrade and now can't seem to get it back without
going through the hastle of having hundreds of packages wanting to
upgrade to unstable due to dependencies. I really don't want to go

Yes, I could probably get the sources and build it myself, but that
somehow doesn't seem like it should be necessary.

I understand your comment about just wait, ok not having sound is not
the end of the world and I do appear to have an option. I guess like I
said I just don't understand how we got to this place of such a
mismatch and I'm hoping you can explain.

BTW, in case it hasn't been said in a while, I and I'm sure many others do
appreciate the work you and others do as package maintainers. I don't want
this email to seem like complaining. It does however seem that the
package should have been kept more in sync with the release it's
intended for.

What is it that I and the others in this boat are missing?

If nothing, could this be rebuilt for testing with the testing version
of udev (.056-3)? At least until udev resolves their many issues and
get's a newer version into testing...

Steve Strong, P.E.
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