[Pkg-alsa-devel] Re: ALSA packager needed

Jan C. Nordholz jckn at gmx.net
Sat Dec 17 21:58:12 UTC 2005

Hi Thomas,

> No, deep knowledge of the ALSA codebase is not required.
> BTW, what problem did you have that forced you to turn to upstream tarballs
> when alsa-source is available for building the latest drivers?

I wanted to try a patch proposed by one of the upstream maintainers (I guess),
as discussed at bugtrack id #1636. I recently got hold of an SB Audigy SE
(exactly the one mentioned in the bug report), and am experiencing the same
"white noise" problem. I just made sure I can reproduce the problem with all
possible combinations (alsa as found in the kernel (2.6.14-5), upstream 11rc alsa,
upstream 11rc alsa with suggested patch etc.).

> Not necessary.  I am not a DD either.  Jordi Mallach has been uploading the
> packages.
> I have one question.  Do you use ALSA intensively and/or do you have a
> variety of sound hardware?

No, I don't have access to that much sound hardware - just the soundcards I
have in my local systems, and I could use the network where I work for testing
purposes. I use ALSA on a regular basis, i. e.: It's installed all the time,
but I don't meddle with it every day. ;-)

I've had a look at the alsa-driver source package - the debianization diff
is not as large as I had feared, so I'll try and catch up with it, just in

Thanks for your quick reply!

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