[Pkg-alsa-devel] Bug#319280: alsa-base: /etc/hotplug/blacklist.d/alsa-base missing snd- prefix

Hubert Chan hubert at uhoreg.ca
Thu Jul 21 16:12:55 UTC 2005

[not reopening -- I'll let the developers decide if it really is a 

On 2005-07-21 10:49:01 -0400 Steve Kowalik <stevenk at debian.org> wrote:

> However, my big problem is that the ALSA modules are all prefixed with
> snd-. The point of the file under /etc/hotplug/blacklist.d is to
> blacklist the OSS modules, and not the ALSA ones.

Hmm.  Really?  I understand that 
/etc/hotplug/blacklist.d/linux-sound-base_noOSS is to blacklist the 
OSS modules.  But for /etc/hotplug/blacklist.d/alsa-base, I read it 
the alsa-base changelog:

     - Add *ALSA* modem drivers to alsa-base's hotplug and discover
       blacklists. These drivers cause problems when loaded on some
       systems. They should be loaded when needed by the programs
       that use them.

(emphasis mine).  That's from the 1.0.8+1.0.9rc2-1 changelog entry.

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