[Pkg-alsa-devel] builds of experimental ALSA packages seem OK after all

Thomas Hood jdthood at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Oct 7 12:44:17 UTC 2005

> Looking at packages.debian.org, I find for the 1.0.9+1.0.10rc1-1 version:
>     alsa-base:  all
>                 alpha amd64 arm hppa i386 ia64 m68k mips mipsel powerpc s390 sparc
>     libasound2:             arm      i386      m68k mips        powerpc s390 sparc
>     alsa-oss:               arm      i386           mips        powerpc s390 sparc
>     alsa-utils:                      i386
>     alsa-tools:                      i386

Looking at the build logs at
http://experimental.ftbfs.de/build.php?&pkg=foo I see no problems.
The only build failure for libasound2 is on hppa due to no room left
on device.  libasound2-plugins, alsa-utils and alsa-tools are failing
because libasound2 >= 1.0.9+1.0.10rc1-1 is not available for the
build.  alsa-oss has built successfully every time it has been tried
since it doesn't need the latest version of libasound2 to build.


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