Bug#372554: [Pkg-alsa-devel] Bug#372554: alsa-base: Do not make snd-usb-audio the default hardware

Stéphane Rosi steph at via.ecp.fr
Mon Jun 12 03:27:35 UTC 2006

Thanks for the help!

Elimar Riesebieter wrote:
> In your case it would be more sensefull to create:
> # echo "snd-usb-audio" > /etc/hotplug/blacklist.d/snd-usb-audio

In fact I'm using an "options snd-usb-audio index=-2" in a separate 
/etc/modprobe.d/sound (not replaced when updating alsa), so that I can 
use the microphone of my webcam.

> to prevent loading the module via udev. Please notice that users have
> usb-soundcards which are installed via /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base:
> install snd-usb-usx2y /sbin/modprobe --ignore-install snd-usb-usx2y \
> $CMDLINE_OPTS && /lib/alsa/modprobe-post-install snd-usb-usx2y
> An entry options snd-usb-audio index=-2 would be counterproductive in
> that case ;)

Yeah, I understand it... :)

I was just thinking that as many people may also have an usb 
webcam/microphone, there should be a way of making the right choice 
automatically. In any case, you would prefer your integrated sound card 
be considered as the default if it exists.

I thought index=-2 was enough (ie if only one usb card existed, it would 
be considered as the default one), but you're right: index is 
interpreted as a bitmask and this wouldn't work. I don't see any other 
option to make it choice automatic. :(

This bug should certainly be closed, but I will surely report a feature 
request upstream to make it happen automatically (maybe the the way the 
default card is chosen should be handled differently?).


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