Bug#383340: [Pkg-alsa-devel] Bug#383340: alsa-base: no sound on each boot until alsaconf is used

Andrew Archibald andrew at choppywater.net
Sun Sep 3 16:00:01 UTC 2006

Elimar Riesebieter wrote:
>> With a fresh install of etch, using the beta 3 installer, I had no
>> sound. Running alsaconf would confirm that there were no sound
>> modules running, detect the soundcard (powermac) correctly and
>> load the relevant modules. Sound would then work until the next
>> reboot.  On reboot none of the modules would be loaded.
>> I resolved this on my system by adding the relevant modules to
>> /etc/modules .
> Could you please install udev and tells us wheter it works then?

I'm afraid I no longer have this hardware to experiment with. Having 
said that I'm pretty sure that udev was on the system as part of the 
standard install.


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