[Pkg-alsa-devel] Bug#408506: alsa-utils: Tries /dev/snd/controlC0, but only /dev/controlC0 exists

Robert Mibus mibus at mibus.org
Sat Mar 10 12:34:11 UTC 2007

I also have this exact problem, on an 800MHz (PPC) iBook.

I believe udev may be at fault; there are rules in /etc/udev/udev.rules
that look like they *should* move the files over.

# grep snd /etc/udev/udev.rules
KERNEL=="controlC[0-9]*",       NAME="snd/%k"
KERNEL=="hwC[D0-9]*",           NAME="snd/%k"
KERNEL=="pcmC[D0-9cp]*",        NAME="snd/%k"
KERNEL=="midiC[D0-9]*",         NAME="snd/%k"
KERNEL=="timer",                NAME="snd/%k"
KERNEL=="seq",                  NAME="snd/%k"

I also get the pages of "invalid card number" / "available commands"
etc. when I boot, due to this. Every login I
run /usr/share/alsa-base/snddevices to create the device nodes; I only
just found out that they were being created in /dev/ instead
of /dev/snd/ (which doesn't exist at all normally for me).

Running a debian stock kernel.

# cat /proc/asound/version
Advanced Linux Sound Architecture Driver Version 1.0.12rc1 (Thu Jun 22
13:55:50 2006 UTC).
# cat /proc/asound/modules
 0 snd_powermac
# uname -a
Linux kappa 2.6.18-1-powerpc #1 Sun Sep 24 16:07:14 CEST 2006 ppc

I have had this problem for some time now and would like to help get rid
of it :)

mibus <mibus at mibus.org>
Tech by day, geek by night.
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