[Pkg-alsa-devel] Bug#451266: alsa-utils update solves bug

Alter Ego alter_ego at vizzavi.pt
Sun Nov 18 01:21:56 UTC 2007

> Are you paranoia? Only alsa-utils to version 1.0.15. It isn't
> migrated to testing yet, because the hppa buildd didn't worked a
> while.

No I'm not on paranoia. That's you who semmes to be on paranoia, case you don't recognize you did'nt deal with this 
issue with the competence one should expect.
I repeat: Your instructions do not actually set up pinning; they'll end up in me upgrading to unstable!
If you don't understand this, then please read, at least, the manuals about apt, repositories and apt-pinning...

> This is from a view of a foolish user. I didn't advice you to
> upgrade to sid. Only one package.

No it isn't. That's your view which is a view from a foolish user. Read reply above and, I repeat, read the manuals.

> This isn't a solution to the problem described by you. The files in
> modprobe.d are managing modules, respective drivers, which are
> adapted to kernel-space.

Definitively you don't know what you are talking about. This is the (temporary) solution to the problem described by me.
As a matter of fact, everytime I use the new "alsa-base" the system sound becames almost inaudible; 
everytime I use the old system sound, the sound volume becames normal!!!
Please, read last sentence one more time.

> Hmmmm. Did you have had a view at the diff to find the bug?

I'm not a developer nor a package maintainer. Do you want me to do your work? Do you need help or are you finally 
looking for a substitute?

> As told before: no!

As tod before, yes!!

> So you _must_ have tweaked something else. /etc/init.d/alsa-utils and amixer are in user-space and therefore 
kernel independent.

The least one's should expect from a "package maintainer" is not to treat users as liars. But I tell you one more 
time: I didn't tweaked nothing more!

> No bug was filed against /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base which is automaticly created out
of a maintained driver list.


> And you are as competent, to tell us what we have to pay attention to?

Are you competent enough to be a "package maintainer"?

> JJCale, first think, then blame ;)

Elimar, first think, then reply to bug reports ;)


Well, I have one more thing to you...

Today was introduced into Lenny a new "alsa-utils" version. With this new version the bug in question was fixed. 
With this update no matter I use the old /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base or the new /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base the 
sound volume is always ok.

So definitevely today is not your lucky day... 
This is a definitive proof of the bug. The new version solves the bug.

If you actually waited one more day to post your's last reply, you would avoid making foolish commentaries.

> In most cases the bug resides between the left and the right ear ;)

New time you reply to bug reports please use proper manners and be more civilized and polite.
Insulting the users is a serious fault and a big mistake.

In most cases the non-existent bug resides between the left and the right ear ;)
- Socrates


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