[Pkg-alsa-devel] Bug#508470: alsa-base: Yamaha OPL3 driver does not resume properly after hibernate

Elimar Riesebieter riesebie at lxtec.de
Tue Dec 23 17:36:47 UTC 2008

* john.lindgren at tds.net [081223 17:40 +0100]
> Elimar Riesebieter <riesebie at lxtec.de> wrote:
> > How do you hibernate your laptop? Please provide involved packages.
> I use "s2disk" from the "uswsusp" package (0.7-1.2).
> Other information that may be useful:
> Toshiba Portege 7010CT
> apmd 3.2.2-12
> apm: BIOS version 1.2 Flags 0x02 (Driver version 1.16ac)

Did you tried the acpi-support package? There we have
resume/sunspend scripts which stop/start alsa-utils. I didn't found
something similar in the uswsusp package.

> /proc/asound/cards:
>  0 [OPL3SA23       ]: OPL3SA2 - Yamaha OPL3-SA23
>                       Yamaha OPL3-SA23 at 0x538, irq 5, dma 1&0

From my point of view this is not an alsa bug.


  Ersatz des Zufalls durch den Irrtum.

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