[Pkg-alsa-devel] Bug#505088: alsa-lib qa-doublebuild release goal in lenny

Marc 'HE' Brockschmidt he at ftwca.de
Thu Feb 12 13:00:12 UTC 2009

severity 505088 important

Lionel Elie Mamane <lionel at mamane.lu> writes:
> Maintainer has put it to severity "minor" (not sure why: because it
> applies only to nanosecond timestamp filesystems? because he thought
> it did not apply to the version in lenny?), which I consider too
> low. Not entering BTS ping-pong, but if the release team agrees with
> me (it is a "confirmed" release goal according to
> http://release.debian.org/lenny/rc_policy.txt), please say so. I'd be
> glad to do an NMU if that's appreciated / necessary / ..., but:
>  - when the maintainer considers it "minor", I feel I need strong
>    reasons to do it
>  - at this point I'm not sure if we are supposed to do it only for RC
>    bugs or also for release goals. 

Only for RC bugs, so please don't NMU.

I think we will just add the doublebuild thing to the release goals for
squeeze (though mandating an idempotent build process would be something
for the policy in general), so this bug is at least important.

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