[Pkg-alsa-devel] Bug#511658: Bug#511658: alsa-base: AMD64 No Sound

Mike Lewis cajun2112 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 15 22:02:23 UTC 2009

Hey Elimar,

More information.

I have physically looked at the codec on the M/B. It (as best I can
see it) is Realtek ALC889A.

I found this document [1] that seemed they were working on the kernel
to make some changes regarding this exact chip. In hopes that I would
get a fix for the problem I have upgraded to kernel 2.6.27-1. I am
also now running Sid (unstable). Neither of these changes have
effected the sound. Although there are times that I can manage to get
sound, it is never across reboots. It always takes some time after a
reboot in order to get sound working. Maybe it is coincidence. Maybe
it is some sort of timing issue. Always after some series of 'alsa
force-reload; rmmod snd-hda-intel; modprobe -v snd-hda-intel'.

Just so you are aware, there are two threads [2][3] on the
Debian-users list regarding this issue. I posted there prior to
opening this bug report. I believe I have given you all the same
information (or more) that I posted there.

I have not upgraded to the latest ALSA drivers yet. Still running the
Sid version of drivers.

Hopefully with all this information, you'll be able to help me resolve
the issue.


[1]  http://lkml.org/lkml/2008/12/11/267
[2]  http://marc.info/?l=debian-user&m=123162467715214&w=2
[3]  http://marc.info/?l=debian-user&m=123173290030716&w=2

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