[Pkg-alsa-devel] Bug#557255: Solved.

yaromir at hotbox.ru yaromir at hotbox.ru
Mon Nov 23 19:05:10 UTC 2009

Today, when i booted my Debian, the problem was gone.
So, the problem was in absence of aumix. Hope, corresponding package 
with one of the alsa components will be rebuild with aumix dependency.

Huge Thanks.

> No, aumix was not installed. I've installed it now. What should i do next?
> Elimar Riesebieter пишет:
>> severity 557255 normal
>> thanks
>> * Yaromir [091120 21:57 +0300]
>>> Package: alsa-base
>>> Version: 1.0.21+dfsg-2
>>> Severity: serious
>>> Hello, everyone. I've encountered problem after i've updated from Lenny to Squeeze.
>>> I have no sound. There is something similar to bug #555053 in
>>> alsa-base package. But the difference is that in my case sound is
>>> just muted by default.
>> Do you have aumix installed?
>>> In other words, when i boot my Debian, i have no sound. But after
>>> i unmute the sound via the gnome aplet, make it louder and unmute
>>> PCM channel in alsa-mixer, alsa works well.  It is not critical,
>>> but a bit inconvenient. 
>> So severity reduced.
>>> Best regards, Yaromir. 
>> Elimar

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