[Pkg-alsa-devel] Bug#614610: I Appear to Have the Same Bug

Ed Abbott ed at websiterepairguy.com
Sun Dec 11 18:12:24 UTC 2011


I appear to have the same bug.

My report will be somewhat clumsy as I have absolutely
no familiarity with this forum.  Is this the right way to give
information?  I'm not sure.

Here's my version of Debian:

$ uname -r

There's one major difference between my version of Debian
and that of the original poster.  The OP upgraded from Lenny
to Squeeze.  My version of Squeeze is a fresh install on a new
hard drive.

I've since diluted the purity of my situation by trying to do a
fresh install of the Alsa drivers from here:


In doing this, an error message that I got while running
dmesg went away.  This error message was in regards to
the Echo Mia firmware not being in place.  Unfortunately,
I did not save a copy of that error message.

In other words, Linux let me know at boot time that the
Echo Mia firmware is not there.

I'd be happy to uninstall the ALSA software that I installed
to restore the purity of my situation.  By purity, I mean a
pure Debian install using the aptitude command.

Do I do a 'make uninstall' to uninstall?  I have no experience 
uninstalling software that I've installed from source code.

My somewhat vague understanding of Debian is that Debian
does not use proprietary drivers.  Since the missing firmware
seems to be proprietary, maybe the original posters problem
is that Debian does not and will not install proprietary firmware.

The Alsa Project has a package called alsa-firmware.  This
package made the error message that appeared on bootup
go away.  I'm referring to the missing firmware error message.

In the end, though, the result is the same.  My Echo Mia Midi
Sound Card produces no sound in my speakers.

Let me know if I can be helpful in any way.  Thanks in advance
to anyone who has made it this far reading this somewhat long

Ed Abbott

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