[Pkg-alsa-devel] Bug#614610: echo mia crashes

Jonathan Nieder jrnieder at gmail.com
Sat Dec 24 02:05:05 UTC 2011

tags 614610 - moreinfo

Hi again,

Elimar Riesebieter wrote:
> * Ed Abbott [111211 13:12 -0500]:

>> The Alsa Project has a package called alsa-firmware.  This
>> package made the error message that appeared on bootup
>> go away.  I'm referring to the missing firmware error message.
>> In the end, though, the result is the same.  My Echo Mia Midi
>> Sound Card produces no sound in my speakers.
> tags 614610 wontfix
> Well, AFAIK Echo MI needs firmwrae licated ind the alsa-firmware
> package which is not distributed by Drbian yet.

Looking over Ed's message, it seems that he said installing the
firmware was not enough to get sound working.  Did I miss something?

A little puzzled,

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