[Pkg-alsa-devel] Bug#614076: Bug#614076: IEC859 does not work in ALSA with CS4630 chipset

Karsten Malcher debian at dct.mine.nu
Sat Feb 19 22:35:38 UTC 2011

Hi Elimar,

thank you for your answer and bibliography for this problem.

I understand what you want to say to me and really respect the offical 
position of Debian to DFSG.

But please also understand me, when i cannot understand why in Debian 
Lenny everything was working fine and now there are so much problems. I 
mean specially the sound.
I want migrate all my systems to Squeeze now and everything is working 
really good except the sound.
This is no problem for a server, but a big issue today for a desktop system.

>    [ Elimar Riesebieter ]
>    * Removed because of DFSG violations:
>      - alsa-kernel/pci/cs46xx/cs46xx_image.h
>      - alsa-kernel/pci/cs46xx/imgs
>      - alsa-kernel/pci/korg1212/korg1212-firmware.h
>      - alsa-kernel/pci/maestro3.c
>      - alsa-kernel/pci/ymfpci/ymfpci_image.h
>      (closes: #483918)
> ...
> http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=483918

Makes it sense trying to get the sources and rights from Cirrus for the 
This would fullfill the points C and D of the decision.

> Hmm, you compiled upstream sources but not Debian sources.......
>> Analog sound is working fine - just the IEC859 is missing.
>> I think it is the missing configuration of it?
> This card isn¯t supported from Debian distribution.

Yes - i found a description how to solve the problem for Squeeze.
This works so far except the optical interface i need for the surround 
sound of multimedia.
Do you think it is a problem of the driver or at the ALSA configuration?

I am understanding correct that this CS46XX-sources where included in 
ALSA before?

> The bug was closed because it isn't relevant for Debian, though.

It's a pity when hardware can't be supported any more.

> Beats the hell out of me! ;-)

No - thank you for your work!


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