[Pkg-alsa-devel] Bug#614076: No Hope for the CS4630

Karsten Malcher debian at dct.mine.nu
Sun Feb 27 22:25:13 UTC 2011

What you have written sounds very logical.

Am 27.02.2011 18:31, schrieb Elimar Riesebieter:
> cs46xx_image.h is a headerfile which is used to compile the
> kernel-driver snd-cs46xx. If this file is not existant while
> compiling the kernel or compiling the alsa-drivere separately the
> driver won't work.
>> It is dynamically loaded by the external kernel driver.
> This is a missunderstanding. snd-cs46xx needs no firmware.

But why i got the kernelmessage that the "firmware" is missing?
And why does it work when it get's the firmware file?
I would say the Wiki is not a fake ...

> You definitly need to recompile the alsa driver sources or a vanilla
> kernel.

O.K. But the driver is not the whole kernel.
I will try to do this and check if the problem is solved then.

> Elimar


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