[pkg-apparmor] Let's reconcile Apertis' Vcs-Git for src:apparmor with Debian+Ubuntu's one [Was: Bug#893392: apparmor: Identify what part of the Apertis delta we could merge into Debian/Ubuntu]

intrigeri intrigeri at debian.org
Thu Jul 26 13:48:34 BST 2018


I'm closing #893392 because I'm done with looking at the Apertis delta
and there's nothing we can merge currently, which means Apertis did
a pretty good job at upstreaming everything that could be \o/

Still, I'd like us to keep discussing the Vcs-Git aspect. Please keep
our mailing list Cc'ed since we won't be able to rely on the BTS to
archive the discussion anymore.

Andrew Shadura:
> On 23/03/18 12:09, intrigeri wrote:
>> Too bad we did not communicate earlier. Perhaps some of you could
>> subscribe to the pkg-apparmor-team list? :)

> I think so :)

Did this happen?

>> Ideally Apertis would migrate their Git repo to share the history of
>> the Vcs-Git that Debian and Ubuntu now share, which might smooth
>> collaboration :)

I'd be happy to talk about this with whoever is taking care of these
things nowadays for Apertis. Ideally in person at DebConf (we could
even hack on this a bit) but email is also fine.

I guess the most important initial question is: how clean does it need
to be? E.g. would it be acceptable to do this:

1. keep your apertis/* tags but delete all your other tags, that
   conflict with those we now have in the shared Debian+Ubuntu Vcs-Git

2. fetch the tags from the shared Debian+Ubuntu Vcs-Git

3. merge, into your current apertis/master branch, the latest
   packaging tag we can from Debian+Ubuntu's Vcs-Git; currently
   I believe this would be ubuntu/2.11.0-2ubuntu5, so probably
   something like:

     git checkout apertis/master && \
     git merge -s ours ubuntu/2.11.0-2ubuntu5

At this point the content of your apertis/master branch should be
unchanged but its history will include the Ubuntu packaging history up
to, and including, ubuntu/2.11.0-2ubuntu5. Next time you want to merge
a new Debian or Ubuntu version, you can merge the new tag.

How does it sound?


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