[Pkg-ayatana-devel] Bug#638882: python-indicate: Pulls in python2.7 even though 2.6 is installed

Jakub Wilk jwilk at debian.org
Tue Aug 23 12:48:26 UTC 2011

reopen 638882
retitle 638882 python-indicate: Python extensions linked with libpython2.X

>>$ sudo aptitude install python-indicate
>>The following NEW packages will be installed:
>>  libdbusmenu-glib3{a} libindicate-gtk2{a} libindicate5{a} libpython2.7{a}
>>  python2.7{a} python2.7-minimal{a}
>This is normal and expected since the package is built to support 
>python 2.6 and 2.7 at the same time.

No, it's not normal. In Debian, Python extension modules should not be linked
with libpython2.X. If you rebuild the package, dh_python2 will warn of this:

W: dh_python2:424: public extension linked with libpython2.6: _indicate.so
W: dh_python2:424: public extension linked with libpython2.7: _indicate.so

See also first paragraph of Python Policy 2.1.

Jakub Wilk

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