[Pkg-ayatana-devel] Bug#646238: indicator-status-provider-telepathy: please don't try to support Telepathy without MC 5

Simon McVittie smcv at debian.org
Sat Oct 22 14:13:11 UTC 2011

Package: indicator-status-provider-telepathy
Version: 0.5.0-1
Severity: normal

If its description is accurate, the indicator-status-provider-telepathy binary
package shouldn't exist in Debian (and shouldn't have existed in Ubuntu either
for at least a couple of years) - all it's likely to do is to confuse people
who should be using the -mc5 binary package instead.

High-quality Telepathy desktop integration relies on the Account Manager and
Channel Dispatcher, of which telepathy-mission-control-5 is the reference
implementation (and to be honest, the only implementation there's ever likely
to be). If you try to have Telepathy desktop integration without using MC,
it'll probably just break things.

(Telepathy integration in Empathy and GNOME-Shell relies on MC, and the
Empathy and Shell developers have been working with Telepathy upstream
to make this possible.)

If it was up to me, indicator-status-provider-mc5 would have "telepathy"
in its name instead of "mc5" - the fact that it uses Mission Control 5 is
an implementation detail - but you'd probably have to coordinate that with


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