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Wed Nov 27 12:27:25 UTC 2013

4 Day MBA for Oil & Gas 
26 – 29 January 2014 in Dubai, UAE
(limited to 20 participants)

. An exclusive business training class that builds your competency, confidence and capability in influential decision making .

Our Course Facilitator
 The oil and gas industry tends to hire talents with diverse skills, experience and qualification. However, research has indicated that key decision-makers are not always familiar with this sector’s technical operations, commercial drivers or the complex jargon and terminology.

This is a course specially designed to bridge gaps in your knowledge. It covers the upstream (exploration and production), mid-stream and downstream sectors of this industry. It's aimed at non-technical people within exploration, production, refining and service companies, as well as professional advisers to the sector.


It is a practical and interactive upstream program that develops the manager and senior professional through providing a deeper understanding of the dynamics of the petroleum business. Attendees leave with a practical perspective on how to create and capture value in the industry. This is a business training program with limited technical content. No previous business training is required to take this course. 

Mr. Jean Pierre Favennec
Professor at IFP School, France and Director of the Centre for Economics and Management
Former President of AEE (French Association for Energy Economics) President of the Association for Development of Energy in Africa
44 Years of Experience in Oil and Gas Industry and

Author of 5 books on various aspects of oil and gas value chain




Delegates will walk away with the perspective of the Director General of a national oil company; or the CEO of an international oil company; or of the Minister of Petroleum in government.

You'll gain insight into current issues, industry terminology, how money flows through the entire business chain, how different parts of the business interact with each other and with other companies, as well as with external investors.


You'll gain an excellent working knowledge of what all the key terms in oil and gas actually mean. This includes exploration, drilling, reserves, production, processing, transportation, storage, product prices, price risk management, world legal systems, and economics.

For more information on the complete agenda and trainer’s profile, 
please email wk at unistrategic.com with subject title ‘MBA-DBS’ or simply click here

Will (+65 68259674)

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