[Pkg-ayatana-devel] libaccounts-glib appears to be unmaintained.

peter green plugwash at p10link.net
Sat Sep 19 16:50:35 BST 2020

The libaccounts-glib package does not seem to be getting maintained in Debian, it has had a rc bug (deprecated declarations
and -Werror) for 8 months with no maintainer response and has recently picked up a second one (unversioned python removal).
It has not had an upload for 3 years.

Both of the rc bugs have been fixed in ubuntu. The ubuntu package has a higher "upstream version" than the Debian one,
but this does not seem to actually represent a newer version from upstream. The changes outside the Debian directory
between the "upstream version" in Debian and the one in Ubuntu seem to be limited to a small number of changes in the
"tests" directory (changing a timeout and removing some gitignore files) and I could not find corresponding changes
in the upstream vcs. It seems the Debian and Ubuntu packaging diverged back in 2016.

There does seem to be activity upstream with a release 5 months ago, but neither Debian or Ubuntu seem to have packaged it.

So I started looking at the reverse dependencies to see if this was a package that was still being used and I found quite
a bit. Looking at the first two levels I get:



second levels:

ktp-common-internals (via kaccounts-integration/libaccounts-qt/telepathy-accounts-signon)
ktp-auth-handler (via kaccounts-integration/libaccounts-qt)
meta-kde-telepathy (via ktp-accounts-kcm)
kaccounts-integration (via libaccounts-qt)
akonadi (via libaccounts-qt)
signon-ui (via libaccounts-qt)
choqok (via purpose)
falkon (via purpose)
gwenview (via purpose)
kamaso (via purpose)
kde-spectacle (via purpose)
kdenlive (via purpose)
kdeplasma-addons (via purpose)
kdevelop (via purpose)
kphotoalbum (via purpose)
libkf5pimcommon (via purpose)
okular (via purpose)
plasma-browser-integration (via purpose)

So, it doesn't look like removal is an option. Can someone (perhaps the maintainer of one of the reverse-dependencies
take a look at getting this package back into shape?). Bringing across the fixes from the Ubuntu package looks like it
would be fairly easy but I have no idea how to test the results.

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