[pkg-bacula-devel] Upcoming push to new git repo

Jan Hauke Rahm jhr at debian.org
Fri Apr 15 09:27:35 UTC 2011

On Fri, Apr 15, 2011 at 01:31:51AM +0200, Jan Hauke Rahm wrote:
> as some of you have (hopefully) read, I already started working on
> John's git repo and made a few changes. Most notably, I changed to dh7,
> or tried to anyways. That wasn't as beautiful as expected. Maybe I'm too
> tired now to think this really through.
> What I still wanted to touch was
> 1) conf file handling (that is ugly here imho),
> 2) the lenny->squeeze upgrade stuff
> 3) cleanup of maintainer scripts
> I didn't get there yet. Currently, a build from what I have now here
> produces the same binary packages as previous builds did with the
> changes I expected. Totally untested are the changes I've done to the
> maintainer scripts but I think they need work anyways. See the git log
> for info.
> Please don't kill me when you see the changes. If you guys totally
> disagree with what I've done here, let's discuss it, please. I'm open to
> all suggestions. Don't run! :)

Okay, still unsatisfied with the current state, I pushed the git repo up
to alioth. Do we want to discuss how to proceed (and how much I screwed
up) on this list? Or should we schedule an IRC meeting for this? I think
we need some joint approach to deal with the remaining issues. Right?


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