[pkg-bacula-devel] Bug#620825: bacula-director-common: wrong email From address

Luca Capello luca at pca.it
Sat Jun 2 14:13:51 UTC 2012

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Hi there!

On Mon, 04 Apr 2011 15:26:55 +0200, Luca Capello wrote:
> By default, Bacula sends email with the following originator address
> 'From: (Bacula) <root at localhost>' (for the domain part see #519567).
> AFAIK this is wrong, but i could not find any RFC dictating it.
> Nevertheless, this causes Gnus/Emacs, Icedove/Thunberbird and RoundCube
> to show it as "From: (Bacula)".  FYI, Evolution shows it as "From:
> <root at localhost.$DOMAIN>" and Mutt simply as "From: Bacula".
> I guess you would like to have it showed as "From: Bacula", for which
> you need to correct it to 'From: <root at localhost> (Bacula)' (like other
> system-wide services do, e.g. cron or debbugs).
> Simply removing the less-than and greater-than signs does the trick.

After further investigation, I found two upstream bugs:


The second one contains the reason for the less-than and greater-than
signs, i.e. without them Exchange complains.

If I read RFC5322 correctly, Exchange is at fault here, since everything
in unquoted () should be considered as a comment:


While mail/mailutils_2.2+dfsg1-6 has the following behavior:
$ mail -a "From: luca" -s "luca" luca at pca.it
[email sent]

$ mail -a "From: <luca>" -s "<luca>" luca at pca.it
[email not sent, missing domain]

$ mail -a "From: (Bacula) luca" -s "(Bacula) luca" luca at pca.it
[email sent]

$ mail -a "From: (Bacula) <luca>" -s "(Bacula) <luca>" luca at pca.it
[email not sent, missing domain]

$ mail -a "From: luca (Bacula)" -s "luca (Bacula)" luca at pca.it
[email not sent]

$ mail -a "From: <luca> (Bacula)" -s "<luca> (Bacula)" luca at pca.it
[email not sent, wrong From address]

...bsmtp seems to always send emails, no matter if the -f/From address
is wrong, also considering the fix for #519567:
# echo test | /usr/lib/bacula/bsmtp -h localhost -f "(Bacula) <test>" -s "(Bacula) <test>" luca at pca.it
[mail sent]

Is there something I have missed?

Thx, bye,
Gismo / Luca
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