[pkg-bacula-devel] user/group setting in init-scripts and units

Sven Hartge sven at svenhartge.de
Sun Jul 17 19:48:37 UTC 2016


While doing some changes for the systemd services, I first used User=
and Group= in the units to start the daemons as the intended user using
systemd and not via parameters "-u" and "-g" from the daemon itself.

I changed this back to be able to parse the user and group from
/etc/default/$NAME and to have the unit as close as possible to the init
script, as Carsten suggested.

But now, I came across Issue#1905
http://bugs.bacula.org/view.php?id=1905 from the Bacula bugtracker,
which states that if you use "-u" and "-g" you no longer can get an
automatic backtrace.

Upstream changed the init-script in 2010 to delegate the change of the
userid:usergroup to start-stop-daemon:
and adapted the systemd units in 2012 for 5.2.11:

Some thoughts on that matter:

- automatic backtrace generation is effectivly broken at the moment, it

- changing who changes user:group is trivial for both the init script
and the systemd unit, but only for the init script we can still parse
the user/group from /etc/default/$NAME, for the systemd unit this is not
possible. (Environment Varables only work for ExecStart= etc.)

- Question is: how important is it for the admin to be able to change
the user the director and the storage-daemon run as (the file-daemon
always runs as root:root)?
If the admin effectivly wants to change the user the director runs as,
he has to change nearly everything bacula touches as the user and group
bacula is hard-coded quite deep into the whole packaging. (The same is
true for the storage-daemon.) And if an admin changed the user, his
changes would be undone on every package update, rendering it moot.
Also I wonder how many admins to date even used the possibilty to change
the user and the group. My guess would be: none.

In my opinion we should remove that option from the packages,
simplifying both the init-script and the systemd units.

Right now the admin seems to have the ability to change the user/group
at run-time but in reality it is not possible without rebuilding the
packages from source.


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