[Pkg-bazaar-maint] *more* syncing debian and ubuntu

Adeodato Simó dato at net.com.org.es
Wed Aug 1 09:32:55 UTC 2007

* Robert Collins [Wed, 01 Aug 2007 11:21:57 +1000]:

>>     + prefix dependency and build-dependency on python-celementtree with a
>>       "python (>> 2.5)" alternative, since Python 2.5 includes celementtree.
> >> is strictly greater - e.g. 2.6 and above. I'm pretty sure I supplied
> a patch with >= 2.5

2.5-1 is >> 2.5. Using >> $upstream_version instead of >= $upstram_version-1
is standard parlance.

>>   * Add a patch to skip the generation of doc/developers/*.htm, since
>>   we don't  ship those in the package.

> We should ship these in the docs package.

Some other upstream person (can't remember who, maybe even a couple)
recommended not shipping them; I guess that if you ask for its
inclusion, nobody else will complain, though? If so, we can change the
package to include them. (BTW there is no "docs package".)

> These changes:
>>   * Drop version constraints in Build-Depends and Depends, all are
>>   satisfied in etch.

> Huge problem for building in old distro releases reliably.

The old distro here being dapper, I suppose -- which doesn't have
python-central, so it fails to build from the same source without
modifications. And one those modifications are made, the stricter
build-dependencies *do not apply*.

Do you have a real use case for having dropped the version constratios
doing any damage?


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