COVENTRY PROMOTIONS coventrylottery at coventry.com
Tue Aug 7 06:03:01 UTC 2007

National Office, 
157-197 Buckingham Palace Road, 
Victoria, London SW1W 9SP
Serial Number: 652-662  
Batch number AT-040SB06-07.
                  TO WINNERS IN OUR PROGRAM
We wish to congratulate you over your success in our computer balloting sweepstake held on saturday 4th August 2007.
This is a millennium scientific computer game in which email addresses were used. It is a promotional program aimed at encouraging internet users; therefore you do not need to buy ticket to enter for the game. 
However, your email address was attached to ticket number 021-33600041;with serial number 652-662 draw the lucky numbers 83-14-11-21-69-92-57,which eventually won the lottery in the first category of the draws. 
Therefore, you have won a lottery jackpot prize awards of £2,000,000.00 (Two million pounds Sterling Only) This is from total prize money of US$30,000,000.00 distributed to winners from 1st to 3rd categories.
Note that this program was largely promoted and sponsored by a group of philanthropist, industrialists from the internet ware industry and some other big multinational firms who wish to be anonymous.
You may wish to establish contact via e-mail with the particulars presented below citing the batch and reference numbers to this letter. 
Telephone lines are open between the hours of 8.00am - 7.30pm on Monday through Friday
Customer Service Unit,
Tel no:   +44-7024080148
Fax No:   +44-870-135-2454
Email:claimsagent_uk5 at yahoo.co.uk
Contact person: MR. DANIEL WALLACE
Our winners are assured of the utmost standards of confidentiality, and press anonymity until the end of proceedings, and beyond where they so desire. Be further advised to maintain the strictest level of confidentiality until the end of proceedings to circumvent problems associated with fraudulent cliams.
At your disposal, we remain.
Very Truly Yours,
International Promotions Unit,
UK COVENTRY Promotions
National Office, 
157-197 Buckingham Palace Road, 
Victoria, London SW1W 9SP

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