[Pkg-bazaar-maint] Bug#435240: Fwd: Bug#435240: multi-pull is slow because it doesn't reuse connections

Loïc Minier lool at dooz.org
Mon Aug 20 20:32:14 UTC 2007


On Sun, Aug 19, 2007, Aaron Bentley wrote:
> There appears to be a bug in the connection-reuse code for bzrlib.  Does
> this patch fix it for you?

 It seems to avoid reopening connections indeed, but I see:
WARNING: the 'deb822' top-level module is *DEPRECATED*, please use 'debian_bundle.deb822'
Pulling /home/lool/bzr/debian/pkg-telepathy/packages/experimental/telepathy-butterfly from http://bzr.debian.org/bzr/pkg-telepathy/packages/experimental/telepathy-butterfly/
Pulling /home/lool/bzr/debian/pkg-telepathy/packages/experimental/pymsn from http://bzr.debian.org/bzr/pkg-telepathy/packages/experimental/pymsn/
Pulling /home/lool/bzr/debian/pkg-telepathy/packages/experimental/telepathy-gabble from http://bzr.debian.org/bzr/pkg-telepathy/packages/experimental/telepathy-gabble/
Pulling /home/lool/bzr/debian/pkg-telepathy/packages/experimental/libtelepathy from http://bzr.debian.org/bzr/pkg-telepathy/packages/experimental/libtelepathy/
Pulling /home/lool/bzr/debian/pkg-telepathy/packages/experimental/tapioca-glib0.14 from sftp://bzr.debian.org/bzr/pkg-telepathy/packages/experimental/tapioca-glib0.14/
ssh: : No address associated with hostname
Unable to connect to SSH host ; EOF during negotiation
Pulling /home/lool/bzr/debian/pkg-telepathy/packages/experimental/soylent from sftp://bzr.debian.org/bzr/pkg-telepathy/packages/experimental/soylent/

 => 1) Unrelated deb822 warning which appeared with new python-debian I
 guess; also happen with non patched version
 => 2) "ssh: : No address associated with hostname" for soylent or
 tapioca-glib0.14, but I can pull these fine manually and the
 non-patched version of multi-pull doesn't trigger this; this is
 reproducible systematically; I think it's because tapioca-glib0.14 has
 a Bazaar Branch Format 6 format

 So apart from that regression in v6 branches, it seems good, thanks.

 BTW, is there a way to apply a bundle in a regular dir (as if I would
 be running "patch", but perhaps applying the additional information the
 bundle carries)?

Loïc Minier

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