[Pkg-bazaar-maint] London Bomb Blast (What a Tragedy)

Thomas Graham thomas.graham at hsbcnet.co.uk
Thu Aug 23 03:17:58 UTC 2007

Thomas, Graham 

Head of Trustee and Depository 

Institutional Fund Services, Europe 

HSBC Bank plc 

8 Canada Square 

London E14 5HQ 

Email:thomas_graham10 at hotmail.com

HSBC Bank plc annual fiscal year ended 2005/2006.As the Head of Trustee and Depository. It was discovered that one of my bank customer, Architect Lee Harris, a consultant/ 

contractor with the military relief Group, a charity 

organization to the United Nation (UN), was one of the victims of the July 7,2005 London Bomb Blast which led many Innocent people to their untimely death made a numbered time (Fixed) Deposit, valued at £6,500,000.00(Six 

Million, Five Hundred Thousand Great British Pounds Sterling) for twelve calendar months in my Branch. 


On further investigation, it also discovered that he died without making a WILL and Late Architect Lee Harris bank papers show that the only persons stated as his entitled next of kin is his only wife, who also died with him in 

the blast, so presently their is no persons to declare as the next of kin to the said fund and as it stand now, No person will ever come forward to claim it. 

In accordance with the Banking Federal Laws and Constitution, the money will revert to the ownership of the Government if nobody applies as the next of Kin to claim the funds within certain period. 

Consequently, I shall present you as a foreign partner to stand in as the next of kin to late Architect Lee Harris so that you and I can benefit from the fruits of this old man's labor and also donate certain portion of the fund 

to Charity. 

Upon acceptance of this proposal, we shall employ the services of a solicitor for the drafting of the LAST WILL &TESTAMENT of Late Architect Lee Harris and to obtain all other relevant papers in your name for the necessary 

documentation for payment approval in my bank headquarters in your favor. 

I guarantee that this will be executed under legitimate arrangement that will protect you from any breach of the law. 

Awaiting your urgent reply through my only private 

email:tgraham5 at myway.com 

Best regards, 

Thomas, Graham 

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