[Pkg-bazaar-maint] Bug#451248: bzr-builddeb: import-dsc hangs, blocking on filterdiff IO

Jamie Wilkinson jaq at debian.org
Wed Nov 14 13:23:59 UTC 2007

Package: bzr-builddeb
Version: 0.92
Severity: important

I'm importing some packages into bzr, and found that two of them have

dawn% bzr import-dsc --initial --to freeglut --snapshot freeglut -v
snapshot.debian.net has lost packages from before 12/03/2005, only packages from after that date will be imported.
Committing revision 1 to "/home/jaq/src/debian/freeglut/freeglut/".
added ChangeLog
added Makefile.am
added Makefile.in
added NEWS
added README
added TODO
added acconfig.h
added aclocal.m4
added autogen.sh
added compile
added config.guess
added config.h.in
added config.sub
added configure
added configure.in
added depcomp
added doc
added freeglut.dsp
added freeglut.dsw
added freeglut.kdevelop
added freeglut.kdevprj
added freeglut.lsm
added freeglut_static.dsp
added include
added install-sh
added ltmain.sh
added missing
added mkinstalldirs
added progs
added src
added stamp-h.in
added doc/Makefile.am
added doc/Makefile.in
added doc/download.html
added doc/freeglut.html
added doc/freeglut_logo.png
added doc/freeglut_user_interface.html
added doc/index.html
added doc/ogl_sm.png
added doc/progress.html
added doc/structure.html
added include/GL
added include/Makefile.am
added include/Makefile.in
added include/GL/Makefile.am
added include/GL/Makefile.in
added include/GL/freeglut.h
added include/GL/freeglut_ext.h
added include/GL/freeglut_std.h
added include/GL/glut.h
added progs/Makefile.am
added progs/Makefile.in
added progs/demos
added progs/demos/CallbackMaker
added progs/demos/Fractals
added progs/demos/Fractals_random
added progs/demos/Lorenz
added progs/demos/Makefile.am
added progs/demos/Makefile.in
added progs/demos/One
added progs/demos/demos.dsw
added progs/demos/shapes
added progs/demos/CallbackMaker/CallbackMaker.c
added progs/demos/CallbackMaker/CallbackMaker.dsp
added progs/demos/CallbackMaker/Makefile.am
added progs/demos/CallbackMaker/Makefile.in
added progs/demos/Fractals/Fractals.dsp
added progs/demos/Fractals/Makefile.am
added progs/demos/Fractals/Makefile.in
added progs/demos/Fractals/fractals.c
added progs/demos/Fractals/fractals.dat
added progs/demos/Fractals_random/Fractals_random.dsp
added progs/demos/Fractals_random/Makefile.am
added progs/demos/Fractals_random/Makefile.in
added progs/demos/Fractals_random/fractals.dat
added progs/demos/Fractals_random/fractals_random.c
added progs/demos/Lorenz/Makefile.am
added progs/demos/Lorenz/Makefile.in
added progs/demos/Lorenz/lorenz.c
added progs/demos/Lorenz/lorenz.dsp
added progs/demos/One/Makefile.am
added progs/demos/One/Makefile.in
added progs/demos/One/one.c
added progs/demos/One/one.dsp
added progs/demos/shapes/Makefile.am
added progs/demos/shapes/Makefile.in
added progs/demos/shapes/shapes.c
added progs/demos/shapes/shapes.dsp
added src/Makefile.am
added src/Makefile.in
added src/freeglut_callbacks.c
added src/freeglut_cursor.c
added src/freeglut_display.c
added src/freeglut_ext.c
added src/freeglut_font.c
added src/freeglut_font_data.c
added src/freeglut_gamemode.c
added src/freeglut_geometry.c
added src/freeglut_glutfont_definitions.c
added src/freeglut_init.c
added src/freeglut_internal.h
added src/freeglut_joystick.c
added src/freeglut_main.c
added src/freeglut_menu.c
added src/freeglut_misc.c
added src/freeglut_overlay.c
added src/freeglut_state.c
added src/freeglut_stroke_mono_roman.c
added src/freeglut_stroke_roman.c
added src/freeglut_structure.c
added src/freeglut_teapot.c
added src/freeglut_videoresize.c
added src/freeglut_window.c
Committed revision 1.                                                          
imported freeglut_2.2.0.orig.tar.gz                                            
Committing revision 2 to "/home/jaq/src/debian/freeglut/freeglut/".
modified config.guess
modified config.sub
added debian
added debian/changelog
added debian/compat
added debian/control
added debian/copyright
added debian/freeglut3-dev.docs
added debian/freeglut3-dev.files
added debian/freeglut3.files
added debian/rules
modified include/GL/freeglut_std.h
modified src/freeglut_callbacks.c
modified src/freeglut_internal.h
modified src/freeglut_structure.c
Committed revision 2.                                                          
imported freeglut_2.2.0-8.1.diff.gz                                            
Committing revision 2 to "/home/jaq/src/debian/freeglut/freeglut/".
modified AUTHORS
modified ChangeLog
modified INSTALL
modified Makefile.am
modified Makefile.in
modified README
added README.win32
modified TODO
modified aclocal.m4
modified config.h.in
modified config.sub
modified configure
added configure.ac
modified freeglut.dsp
added freeglut_evc4.vcp
added freeglut_evc4.vcw
modified freeglut_static.dsp
modified ltmain.sh
modified doc/Makefile.in
modified include/Makefile.in
modified include/GL/Makefile.in
modified include/GL/freeglut_ext.h
modified include/GL/freeglut_std.h
modified progs/Makefile.in
modified progs/demos/Makefile.in
modified progs/demos/CallbackMaker/CallbackMaker.c
modified progs/demos/CallbackMaker/Makefile.in
modified progs/demos/Fractals/Fractals.dsp
modified progs/demos/Fractals/Makefile.in
modified progs/demos/Fractals/fractals.c
modified progs/demos/Fractals_random/Makefile.in
modified progs/demos/Fractals_random/fractals_random.c
modified progs/demos/Lorenz/Makefile.in
modified progs/demos/Lorenz/lorenz.c
modified progs/demos/One/Makefile.in
modified progs/demos/One/one.c
modified progs/demos/shapes/Makefile.in
modified progs/demos/shapes/shapes.c
modified src/Makefile.am
modified src/Makefile.in
modified src/freeglut_callbacks.c
modified src/freeglut_cursor.c
modified src/freeglut_display.c
modified src/freeglut_ext.c
modified src/freeglut_font.c
modified src/freeglut_font_data.c
modified src/freeglut_gamemode.c
modified src/freeglut_geometry.c
modified src/freeglut_glutfont_definitions.c
modified src/freeglut_init.c
modified src/freeglut_internal.h
modified src/freeglut_joystick.c
modified src/freeglut_main.c
modified src/freeglut_menu.c
modified src/freeglut_misc.c
modified src/freeglut_overlay.c
modified src/freeglut_state.c
modified src/freeglut_stroke_mono_roman.c
modified src/freeglut_stroke_roman.c
modified src/freeglut_structure.c
modified src/freeglut_teapot.c
added src/freeglut_teapot_data.h
modified src/freeglut_videoresize.c
modified src/freeglut_window.c
added src/freeglutdll.def
deleted acconfig.h
deleted configure.in
Committed revision 2.                                                          
imported freeglut_2.4.0.orig.tar.gz   

A second import for gle also hung, but only after the first "Committed
revision 1." message.

dawn% ps axf
17480 pts/2    S+     0:04  |   \_ /usr/bin/python /usr/bin/bzr import-dsc --ini
17485 pts/2    S+     0:00  |       \_ patch --strip 1 --quiet -f --directory /h
17486 pts/2    S+     0:00  |       \_ filterdiff -x */.bzr/*
dawn% strace -p 17480
Process 17480 attached - interrupt to quit
write(8, "+  case $host_os in\n", 20 <unfinished ...>
Process 17480 detached
dawn% strace -p 17485
Process 17485 attached - interrupt to quit
read(0,  <unfinished ...>
Process 17485 detached
dawn% strace -p 17486
Process 17486 attached - interrupt to quit
write(1, "    [AC_PROVIDE_IFELSE([LT_AC_PR"..., 1024 <unfinished ...>
Process 17486 detached

Perhaps there's some buffering on these fds that's preventing the data from
flowing, perhaps one of them needs a flush() ?


-- System Information:
Debian Release: lenny/sid
  APT prefers unstable
  APT policy: (500, 'unstable')
Architecture: i386 (i686)

Kernel: Linux 2.6.22-3-686 (SMP w/1 CPU core)
Locale: LANG=en_AU.UTF-8, LC_CTYPE=en_AU.UTF-8 (charmap=UTF-8)
Shell: /bin/sh linked to /bin/bash

Versions of packages bzr-builddeb depends on:
ii  bzr                           0.92-1     Bazaar, the next-generation distri
ii  bzrtools                      0.92.0-1   Collection of tools for bzr
ii  devscripts                    2.10.10    Scripts to make the life of a Debi
ii  dpkg-dev                      1.14.7     package building tools for Debian
ii  fakeroot                      1.8.4      Gives a fake root environment
ii  patchutils                    0.2.31-4   Utilities to work with patches
ii  python                        2.4.4-6    An interactive high-level object-o
ii  python-apt           Python interface to libapt-pkg
ii  python-central                0.5.15     register and build utility for Pyt
ii  python-debian                 0.1.6      python modules to work with Debian

bzr-builddeb recommends no packages.

-- no debconf information

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