[Pkg-bazaar-maint] Turkish Lottery************Congratulations!!!

turkish digital lottery programme info at millipiyango.org
Thu Jan 31 12:29:57 UTC 2008

Ziyabey Caddesi 22 Sokak 1
TR-06520 Balgat-Ankara. Turkey.

The Turkish National Lottery which is locally known as the Milli
Piyango is happy to announce to you that the owner of this present email address
has emerge as one of the newly introduced Digital Lottery Programme which
involves the use of email addresses. Milli Piyango is held every  9th,19th, and
29th of every month. Your e-mail address won you the lottery in the 2nd
category and in this category 17 email address came out as winners and
 you are one of them.

You have  been approved to claim a total sum of  $785,280.00 (Seven Hundred And Eighty Five Thousand Two Hundred And Eighty U.S. Dollars). This is from a total
cash prize of $13,349,760.00(Thirteen Million, Three Hundred And Fourty Nine Thousand Seven Hundred And Sixty U.S. Dollars)   shared amongst the   (17) lucky winners in this category. All participants for this programs are selected randomly from over millions of
email addresses of users submitted by their service Provider e.g. YAHOO, MSN, AOL e.t.c. So dont be surprised on how we got your email address. It was
submitted by your service provider.

Prize Claim Inquiries:
Please Contact our cutomer service center and provide them with your full name
and email address so that they can provide you with more informations  about how to claim your won prize:  Email:millipiyango72 at hotmail.com

On behalf of me and the staff, we say Congratulations and thank you for  beingpart of an email address user.

Mr. Ihya Bal Ak
Chairman of the Board & General Director

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