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Mr.Anthony F. Neoh anthonyneoh at inbox.im
Tue May 16 12:38:04 UTC 2017


My name is Mr. Anthony Francis NEOH an Independent Non-executive Director
of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited since April 2015,
working as part of a large team that covers the entire European region.

On 1 February 2015, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited (ICBC)
acquired a controlling stake in Standard Bank?s London-based Global
Markets business. The acquisition included Standard Bank Plc, the Standard
Bank Group's UK subsidiary and the primary legal entity in the UK, as well
as other international operations. Standard Bank Plc was subsequently
renamed ICBC Standard Bank Plc to incorporate the new parentage I have
taken my time to contact you through my personal endeavors.

It is important that I let you know that an Ad hoc committee was recently
set up by the British Government to look into growing number of dormant
Bank accounts and personal Assets in UK Banks due to deaths of customers
and Deposited items, with a view to finding ways of locating relatives of
the dead customers and in the event that a relative is not found, the
British Government is already working with some NGO'S through the
unclaimed Assets Register, to confiscate and divert unclaimed depositor's
funds and assets to the British Treasury.

During a routine audit check on accounts, which were discovered during the
liquidation of Standard Bank?s London-based Global Markets business, I
discovered a fixed deposit account, which is presently dormant,this said
account bears the same name as your name.

This account has been dormant for the last eighteen (10) years. The
deposit belongs to a single holder with a total amount slightly above 10.8
Million British Pounds. Banking regulation/legislation in the United
Kingdom demand that we notify the organization responsibly for any
unclaimed asset after a statutory time period of years when dormant
accounts of this type are discovered. The above set of facts underscores
my reason of writing to you and making the following proposal.

My investigations of the said account reveals that the investor died in
2005 - the exact time the account was last operated. The Standard Bank
where the account was originally open has been officially liquidated since
February 2015. I can confirm with certainty that the said investor died
intestate and no next?of?kin to his estate has been found or has come
forward all these years. I am of the settled conviction that using my
insider leverage; working with you can secure the funds in the account for
us instead of allowing it to pass as an unclaimed fund into the coffers of
the British Treasury. This is especially possible as you bear the matching
LAST NAME and the same NATIONALITY to the said investor, and can stand as
his extended relative. This is exactly why I am contacting you.

I have all relevant documents (Legal and Banking) that will facilitate my
putting you forward as the claimant/beneficiary of the funds and
ultimately transfer the money to an account nominated by you. If
necessary, we can easily open a new account in your name for this purpose.
If you agree to co-operate with me, we will split the funds after we have
successfully obtain the inheritance payment.

I will explain in more detail what this transaction consists of and what
the necessary requirements are, but only when I receive confirmation of
your desire to participate. Be assured that I am completely committed to
the situation. There will be no risk involved whatsoever if you agree to
co-operate. However MAXIMUM PRIVACY is of vital importance if we are to
successfully reap the immense benefits of this transaction. I guarantee
that the transaction will be executed under legitimate arrangement that
all parties involved will be protected from any breach of law.

To confirm your willingness and co-operation to my proposal.

And please do provide me with the following:

(1) Full Name and Occupation

(2) Mobile, Home Telephone and Home Fax Number.

(3) Postal Address.

Your prompt response will be highly appreciated.

Kind Regards,

Anthony Francis Neoh

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