Bug#362257: boinc-client: -no_gui_rpc option is poorly named andmisleading

Steffen Moeller moeller at inb.uni-luebeck.de
Thu Apr 13 12:57:24 UTC 2006



Am Donnerstag 13 April 2006 13:49 schrieb Frank S. Thomas:
> Would be
>    -no_gui_rpc
>                don't allow GUI RPC connections, don't make socket.
>                If this option is given the client can't be controlled
>                by the BOINC command tool (boinc_cmd) or the BOINC Manager
>                (boincmgr) or other tools that use RPCs to communicate
>                with the client.

                omits creation of the socket (a file as communication channel) 
as required for the remote control ot the client. Consequently the client
cannot be monitored by external tools like GUIs (boincmgr etc.) or the console 
command tool (boinc_cmd).

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