[pkg-boinc-devel] boinc-manager: Does not open browser windowwhenbuttons in left column are clicked

Olek Wojnar owojnar at speakeasy.net
Tue Jan 10 05:58:22 UTC 2006

Ok. It's bringing it up in Konqueror (both in KDE and in GNOME) 
rather than mozilla... BUT it's bringing it up!  Works for me. :) 
Thanks again and let me know if you need any more troubleshooting. As 
long as I'm not too busy at work, I enjoy a little problem-solving. 
Good luck with the program!

-Olek :)

PS Like before, runs mozilla when BROWSER is set from terminal 
(although works as non-root in GNOME now...) then boincmgr is run 
from terminal (KDE and GNOME). Otherwise runs Konqueror.

At 11:07 AM 1/9/2006, Frank S. Thomas wrote:
>Hi Olek,
>I've uploaded a new BOINC version to Alioth. Can you please test it and tell
>me if it works for you?
>Es irrt der Mensch, solang' er strebt.

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