Bug#406853: updated patch for 5.8.16 take 2

Thibaut VARENE T-Bone at parisc-linux.org
Sun Mar 4 23:59:26 CET 2007


The attached patch is an update over the previous one
(http://bugs.debian.org/406853#35 - sending to boinc_dev this time). It's
relatively ugly, unfortunately it's not easy to deal with proc/cpuinfo
without being so.

This patch does the following:
- Address a regression by witch all alpha and mips machines would have
been assigned a fixed string for vendor or model
- Add the necessary glue for hppa, sparc, ppc and ia64 (working around
for this particular arch a cpuinfo format change in 2.6.19), and modifying
the code in some places to avoid collecting unwanted garbage
- Add a default init value for host.m_cache to '-1' in order to avoid
random cache values for system on which cache info is unavailable

This patch doesn't fix the bug I reported in a previous mail, by which
host.p_model is too small to fit all parsed information.

The patch is relatively self-explanatory, I added a couple comments where
necessary, and people can find various cpuinfo files for testing purposes
here: http://www.pateam.org/archive/tmp/boinc/

The patch has been tested (thanks to the attached test program - which
doesn't do strip_whitespace(), btw) on a range of cpuinfo files coming

ia64 (rx4610, rx2600, zx2000)
ppc (powermac g3 oldworld, powermac g5, CHRP pegasos 2)
alpha (AlphaServer DS10)
sparc (UltraSparc 30)
hppa (A500, B180, rp3440, J6000)

This patch doesn't pretend to be a perfect solution, it's merely trying
to point out potential workarounds. Let me know if this is any useful.



PS: Please CC-me in replies.

Thibaut VARENE
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